Video gaming has always been a strong interest. Computers in general have been ever since Dad got us the first one. I have been through the dial up phases where you had that modem sound go through and connect and those chat rooms that I met people on without knowing who they were.

My brother and I played a lot of the Atari growing up. It was one of those things my dad and mom gave us without policing too much. My brother and I spent countless hours playing Prince of Persia on the PC or Sonic, Robocop, Terminator, XMen on the Sega genesis. We graduated to the PC before we got into the xbox and ps consoles though.

I now own a Switch which I haven’t used in forever because I just prefer the PC. It’s far more powerful but I intend to try out exclusive titles and games when the PS5 and the new XBox drops.

Here’s a collection of things around Gaming that I wish to collect and keep. Hopefully some of this will be interesting and helpful to you.