Perfect Time.

I don’t remember when it happened. It wasn’t sudden but it is now recognizably deliberate to become a habit. Whenever starting any new (or unfamiliar) endeavor, I often read about ideas floating around how it is being perceived or executed upon before I delve into it myself. I find myself wanting to immerse in the universe of what is available before I execute. The problem is, I never reach satisfactory execution because I constantly end up searching for refinement or humbling myself into thinking that I am not worthy of starting it in the first place. So there will come a perfect time when I am ready to start armed with everything I know about that said endeavor.

But why can’t I just start?

I think it’s because when you infuse yourself in different fields you wrestle with two thoughts in your head all the time.

The first is creativity is stifled when you look at the amazing things that have been produced by people after YEARS of dedication to the endeavor. I end up thinking I’ll never be good enough. Never be original enough. Never be enough to start. That is a rationalization for fear. Not laziness.

Everything we see today has been improved upon. I can’t recall whether it was Steve Jobs or Sam Altman that mentions this but it goes along the line of

Everything you see today can be made better. Think of the first product that you thought was magical. It always improves over time.

This is true of the iPhone, this is true of the Apple watch, this is true of the microwave you have in your house. Everything can be made better but the effort that goes into it cannot be measured. The only thing you can control is the flow. How much you put in and how much you don’t.

There is no perfect time to begin.

Action over time leads to evolution. Even moss and fungi get better with evolution. It is natural. And the ones that don’t survive are reborn or extinct. These are two thoughts that I have been thinking a lot about.

The second thought is what, to begin with in the first place? What are the foundational blocks of what you are pursuing? How do you learn enough to move but not know enough to follow a set path?

There is no perfect time.

It is a lesson I learned in the last few weeks. A middle path between enough information and appropriate action. You start with understanding what’s around. What have people done. You work on the skills required to create the fundamental expressions confidently and then you start expressing and creating. It isn’t easy and if you are like me you’ll find reasons to not do but remember

There is no perfect.

It is important to begin. Learn while on the go. Build the parachute after you jump off the cliff. There are lots of startup bro flexing lines you can fill yourself with to inspire yourself with and motivate yourself but it is important to begin. I know of no other way than immersing myself in multiple things at the same time. So it is gym meditation cooking and reading altogether. One habit at a time is difficult for me because I will start searching for what has been done and immerse myself in this. But I have started to talk to myself and tell my being that there is no perfect time.

There is.

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