I used to blog a lot. I used to blog quite decently too. It wasn’t till my brother shared this old post of mine with me that I realized a truth that Fred Wilson, aka the AVC, shared.

I started this blog for one reason – to blog. I had no preconceived notion of what that meant. I had no idea what that meant and I had no idea who or what my audience would be. So for two and a half years I have written a blog that was aimed at various times and various places

Fred Wilson

For years I have not been writing because the expectations were too much. Being around people who undermine you and ridicule you constantly but don’t praise any of the good you do added to that. Till I read that and realised that it’s not about pleasing the audience. It’s about creating something you have a unique talent and a singular voice in.

The eventual goal of all this blogging is to get this feeling.

I feel incomplete until I write something. Often it’s hardly worth hitting the “save” button. Sometimes it’s good. Once in a while it’s great. But it’s a routine and one I cherish. – AVC

I haven’t found a rhythm or pattern or daily schedule to stick to but I plan to do that today. This newsletter business seems to have caught on and everyone’s doing one. It takes years but eventually you need to be in tune with the medium you like and enjoy the most. That medium to me, right now, is writing.

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