There’s this strange thing that happens with video games and sports. The more you play a video game, the more interested you become in the sport behind it.

It began with playing FIFA for me. FIFA is a football video game published by EA Sports. The real football don’t @ me.

I played quite a few games and once I got the basic controls in the game down (shoot, pass, lob etc), I started noticing subtler things like position, strategy of attack, player and team formations, passing ability, shoot percentages etc etc. I still haven’t learned all of it but I just realised the depth of the game. Just like the depth of the sport.

I think that fascinates me. Every game/match I play there’s something different going on. It’s remarkable how playable the game is. Every attempt at a game is an opportunity to do something new and different OR get better at what you were doing in the first place.

There’s another game we play just as much. Life. Resources, strategy, planning, compromise, bets and opposition are all elements in it. I wish to explore this gaming thread about what video games can teach you about Life without devolving it into a listicle.

I would love to know about your experiences.

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