Hi, I’m Karthick.

Artist Trung Voung's rendition of me.

Years before I had karthickgopal.com. I had it set up and registered with a guy who did coding. Big mistake. It was a hard lesson on why you shouldn’t outsource your identity and writing to someone else. I used to be big on Facebook with a lot of reach and content before going AWOL. I never picked up on Twitter even though I actively use it. But I have come to realize that algorithms, while great for reach, cannot replace your personal taste and preferences. They also cannot help you think better. It’s easy resharing memes and hitting that RT button. But it doesn’t make you better.

Writing does. Having an opinion and presenting that to the world can be achieved in many ways. The one that’s intuitive to me is writing. This is the remembrance of muscle memory. It is the re-discovery of what I thought was a creative endeavor that I could achieve without needing to spend years learning how.

But it is an attempt to learn creative curation. I don’t know what that means yet, just that I like the sound of it.

This space is an attempt at that. Expression without the Damocles sword of public opinion. Areas of current interest are video games, movies, psychology, and technology. Sprinkled with marketing and design that I do for a living.

I resurrected this idea of a blog on my mother’s birthday the 17th of December. I hope to see you in a year’s time with more friends.

Welcome to my blog.

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