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One thing every day.

Seth Godin has posted almost every day for several years! When he had completed his 7000th post last year, he wrote The secret to writing a daily blog is to write every day. And to queue it up and blog it. There is no other secret…. Continue reading →

Productivity Tips.

Productivity. Everyone has one yet everyone’s talking about how great theirs is. I have read so many of them my head aches. Everything ranging from Inbox Zero to meditation to drinking Kale juice for making sure your mind is focused. Most of it is bullshit…. Continue reading →

Social Networks.

Hello there. Today’s been a pretty productive day. If by productive you agree I didn’t do any work but just spent all the time reading tons of things online. Useful things not instagram posts. Although I did go on a spree with the Instagram stories…. Continue reading →

Read Today Jul 4, 2018.

Let’s begin with something small. I read a lot on the web. I thought I’ll post the most interesting links I come across and some commentary on them. I call it Read Today. It also gives me an idea of everything I read and what… Continue reading →

Welcome to Karthick’s Blog.

For many years I dreamt of getting Karthick to the top of the Google SEO engine. My name is spelt different, I’m Karthick. I had it some semblance with the other blogs of mine but except for a creative burst between 2005-2011. I stopped blogging…. Continue reading →