Starting Writing Again

If you want to write, write! Writing is one of the things you can do without a lot of money or expensive equipment, and it is a very peculiar life style, not suited for everybody, so you might as well get started and see if you like it.
– Michael Crichton

When I first began my blog, it was to share thoughts in my head. It wasn’t to be a writer. It was to express on this wonderful platform called a “WeBlog”. It was new, it was exciting, it was something that I figured out on my own.

Then it became a chore.

As someone who is fundamentally a marketer and story teller (and sort of teacher now), I was always drawn to sharing experiences and listening to insightful ones. Except I started measuring my page views,  number of likes, number of comments, replying diligently to everyone and worried about the image of my writing rather than the content itself.  It was dumb, naive and I blame it on my youthful ignorance.

But what I learned was the insights collection, the sharing and the need to express never stopped. I often talk to myself imagining there’s one like me talking to me and I hear my own thoughts with my own voice. I’m not crazy, I am just in need of sharing those ideas. Since writing became a chore it was restricted to talking to myself.

But I really need an outlet. A sense of creation and production. Consuming and not producing just increases the blubber of unproductivity and unfulfillment a lot. So I decided that today, I’d start writing. I have tons of insights into many topics such as professional life, learning design, thinking about product and learning languages, culture and people. I have so many interests and I would like to spend time thinking them through and not eschew it from this blog. My English has also deteriorated a lot so it’ll help re-sharpen the skills.

There are no shortcuts to creating good work. There’s also no schedule. There’s habit and rythm but not scheduling. But once I figure out the rhythm with the blog here, I’ll settle into one you can expect. I don’t turn comments off because I enjoy textual discussions.

Thank you for stopping by, let’s begin sharing.

Welcome to Karthick’s Blog.

For many years I dreamt of getting Karthick to the top of the Google SEO engine. My name is spelt different, I’m Karthick.

I had it some semblance with the other blogs of mine but except for a creative burst between 2005-2011. I stopped blogging. Life came in the way and interests were varied but mostly I forgot the joy of writing. I forgot the joy of creating.

I was so paranoid about maintaining my status as one of the top Alexa ranked blogs (from India) that I used to write things that didn’t really resonate and weren’t timeless.

Then I got hacked. I lost everything.

I didn’t even know I got hacked because I had spent so much time away from the blog that I didn’t even check it till one day I mistakenly got a reference to one of my own cached articles from a friend. I checked that link first and [email protected]##%$3 it was hacked by some Pakistani group. So I had to remove everything painfully from my servers, change passwords etc.

But it gives me a fresh new start now. I also bought the new domain name. I’ll be writing about things in Life, startups, companies, Apple, Design, eSports and Movies. I’m too diverse to maintain a single interest. I am too large to be constrained to a niche.

I hope you have fun reading. I love feedback so give it to me when you can.